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We feel so fortunate to have found Lulu's Montessori.  Our daughter had a bilingual caregiver ever since she was a newborn.  When it came time to look for preschools, a bilingual program was a top priority.  My husband and I are not fluent, so we knew she would lose her Spanish skills if we chose an English-speaking preschool.
There are not too many bilingual preschools in San Diego and we interviewed most of them.  Lulu's was by far the best fit for our family.  The schedule was what she was accustomed to with regard to meals, snacks and naps.  I also wanted a school that provided healthy meals for the kids, and Lulu's was all that we were looking for.

There is a great sense of family among the teachers, kids and parents.  Ms. Lulu, Ms. Jenni, Ms. Elena and Ms. Laura do a great job of keeping the kids and families engaged and connected.

As first time parents we were so nervous to begin preschool, but Lulu's has been amazing!

As a new mother in a new state I was nervous about absolutely EVERYTHING.  Mrs LuLu made all that anxiousness and fear just melt away. My daughter fell in love with her and later Mrs. Denise.  She learned her numbers and ABC's in English and in Spanish all before the age of 2!  Mrs LuLu is not only a great caregiver but a great person who was there for me when I had questions from home about my daughter. I can honestly say that she taught me so much about raising my daughter just by letting me observe her.  I wish that every caregiver in the world was as passionate about their job as Mrs LuLu and Mrs Denise.

hat would we do without Lulus Montessori!? our daughter gets daily Montessori lessons, healthy meals, and most importantly tons of love from her teachers here. I'm completely confident in the services that The Lulus Montessori provides, day after day. It's an extremely creative environment for the kids' learning. We recommend them highly!! Thank goodness for Lulus!

                                                                                                                                                                                     - Katie Oristian Palacios

Many thanks to Lulus Montessori for being such compassionate and understanding educators! We're very lucky to have our two year old son at Lulus and its a relief to know that he is in the good hands of his Teachers. He has several food allergies so it was with some fear that we were enrolling him in a daycare. However, Lulus has accommodated his allergies with great care and we could not ask for more! We were so impressed that within a month our son was counting to ten in Spanish and participating in activities like hand coordination, singing, painting, and science. I think the children and parents love it here because Lulus is a caring, engaging, and appropriately challenging environment. Hats off to Lulus Montessori!  
- Brandon Iledan

Lulus Montessori is amazing. I can't thank the staff enough for such an incredible job. I get so excited to pick up my daughter at the end of the day to see what she's learned. She's always talking about how much she loves to read books at Lulus. I love that! Lulus is so creative. I was so impressed with the mother's day celebration they planned for us. It made me so happy to see my 2 year old present a beautiful painting she had created just for me. I plan on framing it. I can't say enough about Lulu's! I just feel so blessed to have such an amazing group of ladies taking care of my baby.
- Heather Horning

Lulus is amazing.  My daughter started going at a year. It wasn't long before she came home singing songs and saying words I hadn't taught her. She acquired skills like pouring dry macaroni from one cup to another, and habits like taking her plate to the kitchen sink after she eats.
The teachers treats the children like a mother, but not a coddling one. Her expectations and her routines are age-appropriate. They do art, music and skill building every day. The Lulus loves them students, and you can tell.
- Elizabeth Salaam

Black and White Star in Circle

I AM SO PLEASED AND HAPPY with The Lulu's montesorri program!
The teachers truly exemplifies the ideal teachers, and mentour you trust your children with. From her kind heart, to the dedication they puts forth with the students, and love she continues to show, I am thankful for finding them. My 2 y/o son has grown so much through the short months he has been there. I have never wanted to see my son in some strangers supervision, and for my first time experience, "it was the best experience." Thank you Miss Lulu for being kind and generous to my son and I. "I Love you Lulu," as my son said on this very day...xo

Where do I begin? Lulu's Montessori is an amazing place. Unfortunately, my little guy has been in day care since he was 9 weeks old. I have had him enrolled in some of the "best" and ....most expensive daycares in San Diego, but it was not until he started at Lulu's that he actually began to love going to school.
He LOVES LOVES LOVES Miss LuLu & Miss Denise. Most days he does not even say goodbye to us when we drop him off because he is so excited to be at school and there has been more than one occasion when he actually cried hysterically when I came to pick him up....much to my dismay! He is now 15 months old. He says "thank you", he picks up his own toys, he sits still and listens to lessons, he eats his meals with no fuss, he loves to share.....in short, Miss Lulu & Miss Denise have transformed my son into an amazing little boy. Not only do Miss Lulu & Miss Denise institute learning through structured lessons, but they also genuinely love the kids! If you are looking for an exceptional school with structure, discipline and above all else....LOVE.....Lulu's is your spot!

I looked all over to find the best preschool for my three little boys and Lulus Montessori is exactly that! I'm a tiger-mom, I want the best education for my littles. Probably the only thing more important than education to me is that they develop good hearts. The teachers at Lulus achieve this on the highest level! My boys come home telling me they had "So much Fun!" and eagerly show me art projects and tell about the many things they learned. They are greeted with open arms each morning and tell me how much they like their teachers when I pick them up. The classrooms are age-appropriate for each of the littles and they change with the seasons/holidays. This preschool is a blessing to our family!   Tiffany Holm

Lulu's Montessori is a fantastic daycare. Lulu  and her staff are unbelievable loving,  professional and dedicated to the well being and learning of their students. They truly care about the children they have under their care. Our daughter wakes up everyday excited about going to Lulu's!

Mariela Rodriguez

Our two and a half year old daughter started at Ms. Lulu's Montessori a little over 4 months ago. In these past 4 months we have seen our daughter blossom into a new young lady.( I think they turned on her Chatty Cathy switch). It was very important to us that she know her Mexican heritage and the culture and now she is surrounded by it daily. Not on they teach spanish/english through writing lessons, the teach through singing, dancing, and food too. Our little girl has a larger spanish vocabulary than I do. She comes home singing songs in spanish and telling me the lesson of the day. Thank you Miss Lulu for being amazing, loving, creative, caring teachers for our little girl. You are making a huge impact on her life!

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